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Affordable Prepaid Energy in Texas

When money is tight, people often look over their monthly bills and expenses to find areas where they can cut costs. Usually, the electric bill is not thought of as an area where consumers can trim the fat. Traditional postpaid electricity plans offer little to no wiggle room when it comes to paying the bill.

However, help is now available! Affordable prepaid electricity with Ampra Energy, the #1 provider in Texas, helps deserving customers all across the state start saving immediately with our low rate electricity plans in Texas.

What is prepaid electricity?

Prepaid electricity refers to the ability to prepay for power usage, instead of paying after the fact. Paying for your utilities up-front, before your usage begins, offers consumers the ability to estimate usage and cut costs when needed.

Postpaid electricity plans, conversely, require payment at the end of the billing cycle, after you’ve already used your share of electricity. Many customers feel financially burdened by hefty utility bills each month.

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Who can enroll in prepaid electricity plans?

If you live in a deregulated area of Texas, all you need is a contact phone number and/or an email address to sign up for one of Ampra Energy’s 100% Green Energy prepaid electricity plans to start stacking up savings right away with our low rate electricity plans in Texas.

  • Living in a deregulated area of Texas means that you have the ability to select a power provider whose prices, services, and plans best meet your needs.
  • Instead of one major power provider holding a monopoly over the electricity industry, an array of companies have to compete for your business, which results in lower utility rates and better service options for all consumers—it’s a win-win situation!

At Ampra Energy, we firmly believe that no one should have to go without quality, dependable electricity—EVERYONE is approved with Ampra.

Don’t let bad credit or no credit stop you from reaching out to the caring, skilled professional customer service team at Ampra Energy.

Why is Ampra Energy the best choice for affordable prepaid electricity?

  • Ampra Energy is a 100% Green Energy provider, meaning that we depend more on Texas wind energy and less on resources such as water and fossil fuels in order to protect the planet, while also serving our customers with lower rates and better service.
  • In addition to offering our customers 100% Green Energy, Ampra offers affordable prepaid electricity plans with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN/ID required for enrollment.
  • We understand that communication is key. Ampra Energy will send you regular updates detailing your current consumption and account balance information.
  • In order to help you save even more, Ampra will analyze your usage habits in order to customize energy-saving tips and tricks that you can start implementing right away.
  • Smart Meters, electronic devices that record your home’s utility consumption data in real-time, allow you to monitor and adjust your family’s power usage as needed.
  • Staying on top of your consumption will help you to estimate future usage as well as cutting costs as much as possible. Cut back wherever and whenever you need to maximize savings with our low rate electricity Texas.
  • What will you do with all the money you save by switching to one of Ampra Energy’s affordable prepaid electricity plans? That’s up to you! Stash the funds away for a rainy day, spend it, or put it towards another bill or life event—it is up to you. With Ampra Energy, YOU are in the driver’s seat, not the power company.
  • Speaking of switching, you will not be subject to any termination fees if you want to change power providers. Ampra Low rate energy in Texas will not penalize you with added costs for wanting to make a change, whatever the reason may be.

Remember—EVERYONE is approved at Ampra Energy! NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN/ID are required for enrollment.

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