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Free Nights Energy Plans

Enjoy free energy every night—on us!

What could be better than taking it easy every night knowing your energy usage is totally free? When you get connected with Ampra Energy, the top 100% Green Energy provider in Texas, you can enjoy this power perk in no time.

Free Nights Electricity in Texas: Every Night Including Weekends

Ampra Energy is excited to extend the free nights electricity plans to our deserving customers all across the great state of Texas. Once your Ampra Energy plan has been activated, you can sit back and destress with no required deposit, no credit check, and no long-term contract to make you feel trapped.

Who can benefit from the free night and weekend electricity plans? Any individual or family who may be watching their wallet when it comes to electric bills, but still wants to be able to enjoy their nights worry-free will find that these plans are pretty perfect.

The ability to relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones or just spending downtime, in general, is made that much easier without worrying over electric consumption.

Living in a deregulated area of Texas means you have the power to choose the electric provider that best suits your needs. Ampra Energy’s no deposit, prepaid electricity plans give customers the flexibility to switch to another provider in a snap.

Ampra Energy’s 100% Green Energy electricity packages might be right for you if you’re looking for the following factors:

  • Free nights of worry-free heating or air conditioner use
  • No long-term contracts or commitments
  • No SSN or ID required to sign-up for service
  • No credit check—perfect for those with less-than-perfect finances
  • Quick, simple sign-up and same-day activation
  • No termination fee applies
  • A chance to save major money

How exactly does the “Free Nights Electricity Plan” work?

If you’re interested in trying out Ampra’s enticing free nights electricity in Texas but aren’t sure about the details, read on:

  • Ampra Energy’s 100% Green Energy services include prepaid electricity free nights and weekends plans that are just as up-front and hassle-free as they sound—all prepaid electricity customers can use and benefit from them.
  • Monday to Sunday night, from 9 p.m. to 5:59 a.m., enjoy unlimited energy usage at 0.0 cents per kilowatt—in other words, FREE! Who wouldn’t love the sound of that?!
  • Take advantage of our flexible, affordable, easy-to-activate free nights electricity plans that are also environmentally friendly.

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Additional Electric Plans, Benefits, and Rewards

In addition to all of the savings, perks, and benefits listed above, Ampra has even more to offer their customers. Here are some extra incentives for making the switch to Ampra:

prepaid electricity free nights and weekends

Plenty of Payment Options

Ampra Energy provides many ways to fund your account, including online with a Credit or Debit card payment, or in cash at one of our convenient payment locations.

prepaid electricity free nights and weekends


You will receive alerts or notifications whenever your account balance dips lower than approximately 3 days’ worth of electricity usage, giving you the chance to add more funds to your account to keep you covered. This way you can still monitor your usage up-front without risking loss of power.

Free nights electricity

Easy Account Access

Do you have text messaging and/or email access? That’s all you need to get signed up for Ampra Energy’s services. You can manage your account completely from the comfort of your mobile device. Ampra will keep you up-to-speed on your account status by sending daily usage updates, as well as your most current account balance information.

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