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Postpaid Energy Plans

Why Postpaid Energy Plans?

A frequent debate amongst Texans living in deregulated areas revolves around deciding what type of energy plan is best to sign up for—prepaid or postpaid electricity?

The ability to choose power providers is a luxury not all consumers have the ability to make, so make your choice count by carefully weighing all of your options.

Ampra Energy, the #1 provider in Texas, as well as a source of 100% Green Energy, is happy to help alleviate your questions, guiding you down the right path for your individual, family, and/or small business energy requirements.

  • There are benefits associated with both prepaid and postpaid plans. The final decision comes down to deciding which benefits and services most closely align with your budget and energy-related needs.
  • Postpaid power plans are considered the “traditional” option because they are what most people traditionally use.
  • In a postpaid energy plan, you pay for your utility usage at the end of the billing cycle, or “post” usage—that is, after your power consumption has already occurred.

Plenty of postpaid perks

While the decision ultimately comes down to what works best for you, your family, and/or your small business, consider the following benefits of going the postpaid route.

  • Lock in lower rates. The most popular perk associated with postpaid plans is the fact that you can usually lock in a very competitive, low rate for a predetermined amount of time. This enticing rate may also be renewable after the initial time period ends.
    • When you enroll with Ampra Energy, not only are you guaranteed an unbeatable price, you’re also getting dependable, reliable service you can count on when it matters most—while also helping the planet!
    • That’s right! Ampra Energy provides 100% Green Energy by relying on Texas wind energy and solar-powered energy, which allows us to use less fossil fuels.
    • Ampra’s environmentally-conscious service and superior savings don’t just stop with enrollment—we are always working to roll-out new and exciting deals to save our customers as much as possible, no matter which plan you choose.
  • Predictability. Consumers like to be “in the know” when it comes to their energy charges—and locking in a highly-reasonable rate per kilowatt hour adds an extra layer of predictability and financial control for our postpaid consumers. Knowing what to expect on your upcoming bill is very valuable to our like-minded customers.
  • Stability. Who has time to worry about your account balance or consistently monitor utility usage? Not our postpaid customers!
    • Unlike prepaid plans, Ampra’s postpaid plans won’t require you to closely monitor or replenish your account balance, so responsible consumers who are typically conservative with their power consumption have no added worries over upcoming billing or charges.

No matter which energy plan you decide to enroll in, you can’t go wrong with the exceptional service and quality that you get when you sign up with Ampra Energy.

Ampra Energy not only steps up to protect the planet—we also stand behind the belief that everyone needs and deserves access to dependable, affordable power plans.

Let us help you review your options to make your smartest power plan pick today—the choice is yours.

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