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    More about Ampra Energy:

    • Ampra Energy is excited to offer Texas residents living in a deregulated area (meaning that they have the option to choose their own electricity provider) with 100% Green Energy power. By reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, using less water, and more wind energy, Ampra is able to provide affordable, environmentally-friendly electricity to consumers all across the state.
    • At Ampra, we firmly believe that access to affordable, reliable electricity should be an option for all—regardless of financial issues or lack of ID. Ampra Energy’s power plans are available to you with no credit check, no SSN, and no deposit! With Ampra, everyone is approved!
    • We also pride ourselves in speedy service. Once you enroll with Ampra, you can get service as fast as same-day activation. No need to worry about going days or weeks on end before your power is hooked up.
    • Ampra Energy uses innovative technology to provide prepaid electricity plans. Prepaid electricity refers to the ability to pay for power usage ahead of time, instead of the traditional postpaid electricity method, where you pay after you’ve used a month’s worth of electricity.
    • Smart Meters allow consumers to track their electricity usage and habits in real time, helping families and individuals to monitor and adjust their power consumption when needed in order to stay on budget.
    • Prepaid electricity plans allow Ampra Energy’s customers to save a great deal of money, as well as planning ahead when it comes to monthly bills and spending. Unlike postpaid electricity options, you have the flexibility to schedule your payments before your power usage begins.
    • We also offer all of our plans with NO CONTRACT, so you’ll never feel locked in or trapped.
    • Switching providers is easy and penalty-free, too. You won’t have to pay extra to switch to a new power provider when you connect with Ampra.

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