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Common Electrical Problems Around the Home

Have you recently noticed an uptick in your electricity bill charges? If so, there may be electrical problems in your house that you’ve been unaware of up to this point.

Troubleshooting electrical problems in your home can be a smart and savvy way to not only keep your family safe but also a way to save on your monthly power bill.

Electricity problems at home that are left unattended can quickly spiral into a dangerous situation that could cost you much more than some extra cash—electrocution, fire, or even death could result from these issues.

To help keep your family safe and your utility bill as low as possible, consider taking the following steps to solve your home electrical problems.

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems in Home

  • One of the most important things to remember when attempting to give your home a once-over in the electrical department is to NEVER work on appliances or electrical devices while they are plugged in. Doing so will lead to serious injuries.
  • In fact, your best bet is to first locate your home’s breaker box, which controls the electricity being dispersed to different areas of your house, and turn off the breaker switch that connects to the area or appliance you plan to work on before starting.
  • Check your home for potential problems room by room, checking for things like loose power outlets, damaged cords or power strips, and be wary of any appliances or devices that feel hot to the touch—this is a sign of potential overheating.
  • Power strips that are warm or even hot to the touch are overloaded. Overloaded circuits are prone to overheating and then potentially causing an electrical fire.
  • In this situation, carefully unplug the power strip and space out/relocate the plugged-in appliances to different areas of the room or home.
    • Frayed, broken, or otherwise damaged wires and cords should be discarded.
  • If you smell any strong, strange smells in your home that you feel could be stemming from an electrical issue, it is always a wise move to contact a professional, and, in some cases, you may need to leave your home until the situation has been remedied and you’re sure the environment is safe.
  • Replacing flickering light bulbs is another easy way to clean up your electrical usage safely.
    • Do not continue to use lamps or light fixtures with exposed wires or broken bulb glass. In these cases, hiring or consulting a professional electrician is probably your best (and safest!) bet.
  • Loose power outlet plug?
    • After you’ve turned off the breaker that powers the outlet, check that sufficient voltage is being delivered (you may plug something in or use a voltage meter to do so).
    • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the cover plate and add outlet shims (which can be purchased online or at your local houseware store) until the outlet is completely flush to the wall.
    • Voila! You’ve just successfully solved an electrical snafu in your home.

Check Out Prepaid Electricity

Another option for identifying and locating common electrical problems around the house is to consider switching from postpaid to prepaid electricity.

  • Postpaid electricity is a term that refers to the traditional method of using and then paying for your household’s energy consumption at the end of the month/billing cycle.
  • Prepaid electricity is a method that entails paying a set amount for your utility upfront before you use it.
    • This is an approach that allows the consumer to not only budget more effectively, but also affords people the opportunity to track their electricity usage habits each month.
    • Smart Meters, which are electronic devices installed in customers’ homes, record and transmit electricity data usage in real-time, which is then sent to the consumer as well as the power company.
    • Consumers and power companies alike can use the data to spot potential problems, as well as to formulate helpful hints for lowering a household’s monthly power expenses.
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