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How Does Prepaid Electricity Work for Apartments and Homes?

What do you know about prepaid electricity plans? For many Texans living in deregulated areas, having a choice in power providers means freedom to shop around for the utility prices, plans, and packages that work best for their particular households.

Prepaid electricity is the latest payment option offered to customers who may be looking for extra savings.

Whether you’re currently living in an apartment or a house, let’s explore exactly how to use prepaid electricity to your advantage—and why Ampra Energy should be your go-to choice for 100% Green Energy in Texas.

What is prepaid electricity?

  • Prepaid electricity is also commonly referred to as “pay-as-you-go” electricity.
  • With a prepaid method, customers decide how much they would like to spend on their power for the current billing cycle, and pay that set amount ahead of time—that is, before the electricity consumption actually occurs.
    • This is a way for consumers to stay on-track and on-budget with their utility usage.
  • Typically, consumers are used to traditional postpaid electricity plans, which means paying for power usage at the end of the billing cycle, and after the consumption has already occurred.
  • Consumers may experience frustration or dissatisfaction with this method due to having limited options when a sizable bill comes due.
    • Usually, your only option is to pay the amount you’ve been billed in order to prevent service interruption and/or negative credit implications.

How does prepaid electricity work?

  • Regardless of whether you live in an apartment, townhome/condo, or traditional house, prepaid electricity is an option worth looking into for your utility needs.
  • Prepaid electricity works mainly through the use of Smart Meter technology.
  • Smart Meters are electronic devices that are installed in your home to record and transmit real-time utility consumption data to the power company.
  • Consumers can view and analyze this data themselves by either reading it off of the user-friendly display monitor on the Smart Meter itself, or by accessing this data through their online customer account.
  • The availability and accessibility of this information benefits “pay-as-you-go” plan participants by allowing them to see exactly what time(s) of day and/or which appliance(s) may be driving the power bill up.
  • Scaling back as needed gives customers a chance to streamline their power consumption and trim their bill as much as possible.
  • Although prepaid power consumers pay a set amount for service on the front-end, additional funds can always be added in the event that an account balance dips too low.

Why should I enroll with Ampra Energy?

  • Ampra Energy is the #1 power provider in Texas for several reasons.
  • Prepaid electricity, postpaid electricity, and small business energy plans are all offered by Ampra Energy, so whatever your needs may be—they’ve got the perfect solution.
  • In addition to offering an array of options designed to meet every individual and/or family’s unique needs, Ampra regularly runs special rates, promotions, and bundles to increase customer savings.
  • Ampra also uses 100% Green Energy—which means that in addition to offering unbeatable rates and dependable service, Ampra is committed to doing so by using environmentally-friendly, renewable energy resources like Texas wind and solar energy.
  • Ampra doesn’t leave anyone in the dark—EVERYONE is approved! NO Credit check, NO deposit, and NO S.S.N./I.D. are required!

Are you ready to start saving? Reach out to Ampra Energy, the top provider of 100% Green Energy in Texas, today! Call, email, or visit to learn more about the most flexible retail energy provider in the state.  

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