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How Does Prepaid Electricity Work?

In today’s economic climate, saving more money is a top priority for most consumers across the country. The global pandemic, which has gripped the world for almost a year, has people from all walks of life and financial background working hard to reduce their monthly expenses.

You may not typically think of your electric bill as a place to cut costs—usually, the bill you receive at the end of the month is pretty non-negotiable—even if the amount is much larger than you had anticipated.

Luckily, residents living in a deregulated area of Texas (meaning you have the ability to choose your power provider) have the ability to save on their electric bill each month.

Prepaid electricity plans

With the development of prepaid electricity plans, worrying over your power bill at the end of the money is a thing of the past—if you choose to make a switch!

  • Prepaid electricity plans give consumers the option to pay a set amount ahead of time—that is, before the energy usage occurs. Traditional postpaid electricity plans require payment at the end of the billing cycle, after usage has already occurred.
  • This way, you can track your energy usage habits regularly to make sure you stay on-track and within your budget, with no hefty bills to haggle over at the end of the billing cycle.
  • How can you track your energy habits? Thanks to Smart Meters, you can monitor your household’s power consumption in real time, making changes or scaling back whenever and wherever needed in order to stick to your allotted budget.

How does a prepaid meter work?

  • Smart Meters are electronic devices installed quickly and conveniently in your home. A user-friendly display monitor allows you to view your usage there, or you can access all of your account information online at your convenience.
  • Your prepaid electricity meter collects and records your home’s energy usage in “real time,’ meaning you can see exactly what appliance, energy source, and/or time of day you’re using energy.
  • Prepaid meters cut out the middle man, putting you in charge of your power plan and costs. If your account balance happens to drop too low for comfort, you can expect helpful alerts from your power provider, giving you the opportunity to add funds to your account as needed to tide you over until the end of the billing cycle.

What company provide the best prepaid electricity services in Texas?

Ampra Energy is the top pick for countless Texans for several reasons.

  • In addition to offering flexible enrollment options, rates, and reliable services, Ampra Energy also uses 100% Green Energy.
  • Ampra is able to provide more environmentally-friendly power to consumers by relying more on renewable energy, and using less of resources like water and fossil fuels. Saving you money while saving the planet? What could be better?!
  • From the moment you connect with an Ampra Energy customer service representative, you’ll notice the professionalism and level of care with which this prepaid power provider operates—customers are clearly the #1 priority at Ampra.

Are you ready to start saving with 100% Green Energy? Don’t wait! Contact Ampra Energy to enroll today. Call, email, or visit to get started.

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