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Is Prepaid Electricity Cheaper than Postpaid Electricity?

Most individuals and families work hard to find ways to save on monthly household expenses. Cutting corners on the monthly power bill isn’t usually an area that comes to mind, but thanks to Ampra Energy, added savings on utilities are now a possibility.

Ampra Energy, the #1 retail energy provider in Texas, offers consumers prepaid, postpaid, and small business power plans that can’t be beaten.

What exactly is prepaid electricity, and how does the price differ from postpaid electricity?

Let’s take a look at each type of power plan so that you can make the most informed decision for your home and budgetary needs.

Prepaid vs Postpaid Electricity

  • The main difference between prepaid electricity and postpaid electricity is how consumers are billed.
  • Postpaid electricity plans are the most commonly known, or “traditional” power plans. These plans require payment at the end of the billing cycle, or after the utility consumption has already occurred.
  • If a postpaid consumer receives a bill with a particularly large amount due, there’s usually not much they can do to adjust or reduce the amount since the energy has already been used.
  • Consumers who are not concerned over their monthly billed amount typically choose to enroll in postpaid power plans.
  • Conversely, prepaid electricity plans, like those offered by Ampra Energy, afford customers the opportunity to pay for their electricity ahead of time, or before it is used.
  • Many consumers enjoy having a set amount to pay for power in mind, with no surprise charges or hefty bills to expect at the end of the month.
  • Smart Meters are electronic devices that are installed in consumers’ homes, recording data for analysis by both the power company as well as the prepaid consumer.
  • These user-friendly gadgets show consumers exactly when and how much energy is being used within their household, allowing them the chance to adjust their habits and scale back as needed to stay within budget.

The best time to buy prepaid electricity

Are you on the fence about trying a prepaid power plan? With Ampra Energy, customers benefit from the flexibility and freedom that comes with signing up for a prepaid energy plan without a restrictive contract.

  • No long-term contracts mean that Ampra customers won’t feel locked in or trapped into services.
  • In addition to unbeatable rates and unmatched service that consumers can enjoy with prepaid electricity plans, Ampra also offers postpaid and small business energy packages that are guaranteed to suit your budget and lifestyle.
  • Worried about your lack of solid credit history or having a large chunk of cash to plunk down on a deposit? No worries!
  • Ampra Energy offers a variety of power plans available with NO credit check, NO I.D./SSN, and NO deposit required for enrollment.
  • Ampra doesn’t stop with regular low rates—the top power provider in Texas is always rolling out new, cash-saving promotions and plans designed with every customer in mind.

The best time to start saving with Ampra Energy is NOW! Don’t wait around wondering when you’ll be able to qualify for reliable, affordable electricity.

Reach out to a member of the Ampra Energy team today. Call, email, chat or sign up now for more information.

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