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Largest Wind Farms in Texas

We only have one planet, and the kinder we are to it and its resources, the more we will benefit. At Ampra Energy, the 100% Green Energy power company in Texas, we firmly believe in the importance of preserving our planet’s resources to the best of our ability.

Ampra Energy offers 100% Green Energy to our treasured customers, whether they opt to enroll in a prepaid, postpaid, or small business power plan.

How do we deliver on our promise of environmentally friendly, cost-conscious, reliable electricity options?

Let’s take a look at what Ampra Energy’s windmills in West Texas have to offer consumers.

Windmills in Texas

When it comes to wind farms in Texas, Ampra Energy is proud to support the largest and most efficient area in the state.

  • By using a windmill farm, Texas prepaid, postpaid, and small business energy from Ampra Energy is made affordable and reliable. Ampra Energy is proud to promote the largest wind farm in the U.S. to our energy-conscious consumers.
  • Wind turbines in Texas are just one way the Ampra team uses more renewable, green energy, like wind and sun energy, to rely less on nonrenewable resources, like fossil fuels and water.
  • Texas windmill farms make it possible to offer our customers from all walks of life the best power plans and rates tailored to their lifestyle and budget.
  • Wind turbine companies in Texas may claim to support Green Energy, but Ampra is the only truly 100% authentically “Green Energy” provider—and there’s something for everyone at Ampra.
  • In addition to providing already affordable rates and eco-conscious services, Ampra is always rolling out new and exciting promotions, rates, and specials designed with the consumer in mind.
  • You can always depend on your Ampra customer service team to be only a text, email, or phone call away to answer any and all of your account or service-related questions or concerns.

What is the Difference Between Prepaid and Postpaid Energy?

  • Prepaid electricity refers to a more modern approach to dispersing and paying for utilities.
  • Ampra Energy offers prepaid power plans to consumers looking to “pay as you go,” or pay ahead of time for power usage—that is, before it is even used.
  • By paying for power consumption before it is used, consumers are able to track their utility habits through the use of Smart Meters, which record and transmit real-time power consumption for each individual household.
  • Prepaid electricity customers can use that data displayed on Smart Meters to stay on track with their predetermined utility budget, scaling back as needed.
  • If a prepaid customer’s account balance dips below a certain amount, they can quickly and easily add more funds to tide their prepaid account over until the next billing cycle begins.
  • Postpaid electricity options, also available at competitive, flexible rates from Ampra Energy, are known as the more “traditional” payment routes of the two.
  • In a postpaid plan, consumers use their energy and pay for the consumption at the end of the billing period.
  • In addition to prepaid and postpaid plans, Ampra Energy also offers reliable, wallet-friendly small business power plans implemented for consumers to save as much as possible both at home and on the job.
  • Connecting with a member of the Ampra Energy customer service team is a snap—as a customer, you can choose your preferred method of communication regarding your energy plan—text messaging, email, phone, or through your online account portal.
  • Ampra Energy believes in helping the environment and their customers as much as possible—and that’s why the consumer is in the driver’s seat at Ampra—not the other way around.
  • Ampra Energy is committed to ensuring that every Texan has access to trusted, flexible energy options—that’s why Ampra offers plans for prepaid, postpaid, and small business customers with NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO SSN or ID requirements for enrollment.

Do you want to help conserve natural resources while also saving on your monthly electricity costs?

Ampra Energy uses wind farms to produce and utilize wind energy, as well as utilizing solar energy, to provide the best and most responsible power options available.

Reach out to a skilled, knowledgeable member of the Ampra Energy team today, and get started on making major savings!

Regardless of whether you’re interested in a prepaid, postpaid, or small business energy plan, Ampra Energy has exactly what you’re looking for—all with NO deposit, NO credit check, and NO SSN/ID requirement plans available.

Enroll today! Simply call email, or fill-up the form to get started right away.

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