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The Best Places to Live in Texas in 2022

Are you considering making a move to the Lone Star state next year?

If so, congratulations on taking such an important life step!

While you can’t go wrong with any city you land in here, there are a few factors you should evaluate when narrowing your search down to the perfect places to live in Texas.

Here are some helpful hints to consider when searching for the best places to live in Texas.

The Best Places to Live in Texas in 2022

Points to Ponder

If you’ve been asking yourself, What is the best place to live in Texas? Take a moment to think about what you want and need out of your new location.

  • Will you be moving alone, or with family? If you’ll be moving with children, you’ll want to research the best cities to live in Texas with kids.
  • Factors such as schools, recreational opportunities, and the percentage of other families in the area will likely influence your life-changing decision.
  • What are your professional needs? If your move is due to a change in jobs, you may already have that point covered.
  • If not, explore what opportunities are available in your desired field.
    • Luckily, job openings are plentiful across the country right now.
    • It is a great time to advance your career in a new city or even embark upon a new industry.
  • Life isn’t all about work or school, though. What are your hobbies or favorite pastimes?
    • Are you hoping to land somewhere with an abundance of outdoor activities, sports clubs, and facilities, or concert venues?
    • If you’re a social butterfly, big cities with plenty of opportunities for entertainment, including restaurants and more, might be calling your name.
  • Several popular cities for relocation in Texas include Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.
  • Up-and-coming destinations such as Plano, Frisco, and Round Rock are thriving, exciting spots to check out.
  • Schedule a time to go and visit your top picks before committing to any one location.
    • Visiting a new city—and your potential new home—in-person provides a tangible vibe that is difficult to convey virtually.

Make a Financially-Sound Decision

As with most major life decisions, money is always an important area to evaluate. In addition to other aspects of your everyday life and happiness, weighing the cost of living and how it aligns with your budgetary needs is critical to making a well-rounded, informed choice.

One of the most appealing aspects of making a move to Texas is that many areas across the state enjoy a deregulated energy market.

  • A deregulated area is one in which residents have their choice of power providers.
    • If you’ve ever experienced the hassle and financial strain that comes with being forced to use the services of only one utility company, also known as a monopoly, you can understand why so many Texans enjoy having this freedom of choice when it comes to their monthly power bill.
  • A deregulated energy market means that local power companies are in constant competition with one another for retaining new business.
    • This results in competitive, desirable rates, plans, and services for customers to choose from.
  • Ampra Energy has stood apart from the crowd since day one.
    • As the top provider of 100% Green Energy in Texas, Ampra provides unbeatable rates and lightning-quick services with prepaid, postpaid, and small business electricity options for their valued customers.
  • By relying less on fossil fuels and water for energy, and more on renewable resources like Texas wind and solar energy, Ampra is able to provide energy-efficient, clean electricity at affordable rates—the same rates as traditional energy, in fact!

What is Prepaid Electricity?

If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about prepaid electricity, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

  • Traditionally, consumers pay for their power usage after it has occurred, at the end of the month or billing cycle, and usually have no recourse except to pay or face service disruption in the event of an unusually hefty bill.
  • Prepaid electricity allows consumers to “pay as you go,” paying a predetermined, affordable amount ahead of time—before any power is used.
  • By paying ahead of time, as well as using the energy consumption data recorded by electronic devices called Smart Meters, consumers can stay on track with their power usage and budget.
  • Additional funds can be quickly and easily added to consumers’ prepaid accounts if the balance gets a little too low for comfort.
  • In addition to prepaid electricity options, Ampra Energy provides postpaid and small business plans designed to meet all of its customers’ needs.
  • Special, cash-saving promotions and rates are regularly rolled out to help cost-conscious customers save even more money with Ampra Energy.

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