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The Ultimate Guide to Texas Electricity Deregulation

Are you a Texas resident? If so, you may have heard the phrase “deregulation” tossed around pretty often. Let’s explore what electricity deregulation in Texas really means, and why it should be important to you!

What is “Deregulation?”

  • Texas electricity deregulation is a term that refers to certain “deregulated” areas of Texas. Residents living in these designated areas have the freedom to choose which utility providers’ services they use, instead of being made to utilize the services of only one provider, which is known as a company having a monopoly over an industry.
  • This freedom of choice for consumers creates a competitive environment among the available power companies—which is a great thing for consumers, because that means better rates and prices!

How does deregulation affect me?

  • Take advantage of electricity deregulation in Texas by shopping smartly and considering your options carefully. One of the most popular power plans customers choose to enroll in is prepaid electricity.
  • As opposed to more traditional postpaid plans, where you pay for your power consumption after the fact, prepaid electricity plans allow consumers to pay for power ahead of time, or before the usage occurs. Setting a budget and sticking to it is made easy with Smart Meters, which are electronic devices installed in your home that collect and record power usage data in “real time.”
  • Rather than being clueless about power consumption, customers can keep track of their utility usage habits consistently, scaling back as needed to stay within your predetermined budget.
  • Instead of being hit with a hefty bill at the end of the month, which consumers often find to be true with postpaid plans, you will be “in the know” about your usage, without worrying over surprise charges or large fees after the fact.
  • You’ll be in control with prepaid plans, with accurate, precise charges and user-friendly information account access and features.

What provider offers the best prepaid electricity plans?

  • Ampra Energy, the #1 prepaid electricity provider in Texas, not only works to get you hooked up fast and save you money—they use 100% Green Energy in order to do so!
  • By using less water and fossil fuels, Ampra Energy focuses on using more renewable energy to help reduce our carbon footprint. We firmly believe in doing our part to protect the plant while providing superior services to our prepaid electricity customers in Texas.
  • Ampra Energy makes enrollment simple and hassle-free, with no contracts to leave you feeling locked-in. Flexibility in plans and account maintenance make Ampra a top pick for many Texans living in deregulated electricity areas.
  • In addition to providing energy-efficient, affordable prepaid energy plans, Ampra Energy also offers top-notch customer service to all consumers.
  • All of your questions, concerns, or any other account-related inquiries will be answered 24/7 by Ampra’s caring, knowledgeable team of customer service representatives. With Ampra, you’ll never feel as though you’ve been left in the dark.

Cut your costs and use 100% Green Energy when you enroll with Ampra Energy, the #1 power provider in Texas. Call, email, or visit today!

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