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What Is Energy Deregulation and Why is it Important?

In many areas of the country, consumers don’t have a choice when it comes to their power providers.

This means that one utility company usually controls the local electrical industry—known as a monopoly.

Texans, however, are very fortunate. There are a number of areas in The Lone Star state that enjoy energy deregulation, which results in added savings for residents across the state.

What is deregulated energy?

Basically, an area that is “deregulated” means that residents can choose the power company that provides their electricity services.

  • Energy market deregulation creates competition between local power providers, causing these companies to offer lower rates and special promotions to drum up business.
  • Customers shopping for deregulated energy can pick and choose the utility company’s services that best suit their individual or family budget and lifestyle.
  • One innovative way that deregulated electricity companies attempt to increase their number of customers is by offering prepaid electricity packages.

Prepaid power plans

  • Prepaid electricity is one way that consumers can stay on track and within their particular budget by paying ahead of time for their utilities—before the energy consumption occurs.
  • Prepaid power is an alternative to postpaid electricity, in which customers pay for their power after it has already been used.
  • Postpaid plans require payment all at once, at the end of the billing cycle, and typically offer little to no “wiggle room” when it comes to negotiating the amount due.
  • Prepaid electricity works through the utilization of Smart Meters. These tech-savvy devices are installed in consumers’ homes and record utility consumption data, sending that information to the power company.
  • The household power data is also easily read and interpreted by the consumer, allowing individuals and families alike to monitor and adjust their utility usage as needed in order to stay within their allotted power budget.

Deregulation of energy benefits

  • Customers who choose to enroll in one of Ampra Energy’s prepaid electricity plans benefit from reliable, affordable power services at a preset amount.
  • If a customer’s account balance dips too low before the end of the billing cycle, Ampra Energy will send a text or email alert, affording the account holder the opportunity to quickly and easily add funds to tide the account over as needed.
  • The forward-thinking team at Ampra also regularly analyzes the recorded usage data in order to provide additional energy-saving tips for prepaid consumers.
  • Whether you choose to enroll in one of Ampra Energy’s prepaid, postpaid, or small business power plans, you simply can’t go wrong! Don’t let the fear of a shaky financial situation stop you from saving with Ampra’s superior service.

Ampra will get your power hooked up and turned on in no time—as soon as same-day activation is available (depending on where you live) for most customers.

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