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What is Kilowatt? Tips for Understanding Your Electricity Usage

Being a smart consumer means brushing up on your knowledge and know-how relating to your monthly expenses, including the breakdown of your energy costs.

When you understand more clearly how something works, you can feel better about your bills. Electricity bills can seem complex but are easily understood with a little bit of research.

Below, we will explore what a common utility term, kilowatt, means, and how it impacts your power bill.

What is a kilowatt?

  • “Kilowatt” refers to a measure of 1,000 watts of electrical power. Electrical kilowatts are how electricity is measured.
  • You will also likely see the term “kWh” on your bill. What does kWh mean? The kWh meaning is kilowatt-hour or another way of measuring usage of each electrical kilowatt.
    • A kWh is a unit of energy equal to 3600 kilojoules.
    • Energy bills are calculated using kWh.
    • Therefore, the more kWh you use, the more your bill will be.
  • How do power companies calculate kWh? Meters are used to measure, record, and display power usage information to the utility company.
  • Smart Meters are the newer versions of traditional meters. Smart Meters are able to record and transmit data in real-time to both consumers and the power company.
  • Consumers who are enrolled in a prepaid electricity plan are able to use the data in order to streamline their usage habits.

What is prepaid electricity?

  • Prepaid electricity plans allow customers to track their usage habits via Smart Meters, which show exactly how many kWh are being used.
  • If a customer wants to try and scale back in a certain area to save money (such as during a certain part of the day, or with a particular appliance/device) they can easily see how to do just that.
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