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What is Renewable Energy?

What can we do to better protect our planet? While saving the environment and working against climate change may seem like a lofty, challenging idea, it is actually an attainable goal for consumers and power companies alike.

One way that both parties can make a major positive impact on the state of the environment is by utilizing renewable energy sources for electricity.

Ampra Energy, the top provider of 100% Green Energy in Texas, is ahead of the renewable energy game. Let’s explore what the term “renewable energy” really means, and why you should care.

What is renewable energy?

  • The term “renewable energy” is also commonly referred to as “clean energy” or “green energy” due to the environmentally friendly nature of this utility delivery method.
  • Renewable energy means using natural resources that are constantly replenished by the planet so that they never “run out” or become depleted. Using too many non-renewable resources can have a devastating impact on our environment.
  • The most common types of renewable energy sources are wind and solar power. By using energy from the sun and wind power, utility companies are able to provide electricity without relying on the harmful emissions and pollutants that are associated with resources like fossil fuels.
  • Renewable energy resources provide a working relationship between nature and humankind, while greatly lessening the strain on plant and animal life in the process. The entire planet benefits from using sustainable energy sources.

Why should I use renewable energy?  

  • Reusable energy is quickly gaining widespread attention—and for good reason. The utilization of solar panels and wind turbines has already proven to be reliable methods of providing power for large masses of consumers without compromising the dependability of the national electricity grid.
  • Using renewable energy also reduces electricity costs for consumers. By drastically reducing the need for costly power plants, utility companies save large amounts of money, which can then be passed on to customers in the form of reduced utility rates.
  • Clean, green electricity also creates more jobs—a lot more! Specialists and technicians are needed in the development, maintenance, and analyzation of solar panels, wind turbines, and related tools of the trade, like electric cars. Renewable energy is a leader in growing our workforce worldwide.

Let’s review what we’ve learned—renewable energy helps the environment, offers dependable, cheaper power prices for consumers, and provides a much-needed boost to the global economy. Sounds like a win-win situation for all involved!

About Ampra Energy

Ampra Energy leads the pack when it comes to providing 100% Green Energy in Texas. By reducing your carbon footprint and blazing the trail when it comes to affordable, reliable utility coverage, enrolling in Ampra Energy is a no-brainer—and here’s why:

  • In addition to offering stellar service on a consistent basis, Ampra regularly rolls out special rates and promotions that simply can’t be beaten. Interested in three months of free electricity? That’s just one of the popular promotions available at Ampra.
  • At Ampra, everyone is approved—regardless of your credit history. You can get connected with one of Ampras’s affordable, dependable power plans with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO I.D. or SSN needed to sign up for service.
  • Service isn’t just superior at Ampra—it’s lightning-fast! Depending on where you live in Texas, you may be able to have your power hooked up that same day, and possibly in as little as two hours.
  • Ampra Energy has several options for plans tailored to suit your particular needs. Are you a small business owner in Texas? Check out Ampra’s awesome small business electricity plans, with rates guaranteed to keep your company growing and thriving.
  • For the more traditionally-minded consumer, Ampra Energy’s postpaid electricity plans are an option. Postpaid plans require payment at the end of the billing cycle after power consumption has already occurred. These plans are great for those without concerns over their monthly billed amount.
  • Trying to stay on track with your budget? Consider one of Ampra’s prepaid electricity plans. These “pay as you go” plans allow customers to pay for their electricity ahead of time—that is, before the usage occurs.
  • By using electronic devices called Smart Meters that record and transmit power usage in real-time, consumers can track and scale back their usage whenever necessary.
  • Prepaid account balance dipping a little low? You can easily replenish your account to tide you over until the next billing cycle begins.

Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint with green energy, all while saving money? Good! Let’s get started! Simply call, email, or fill the inquiry form and get hooked up with Ampra Energy, the 100% Green Energy provider in Texas, today!

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