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Why Homeowners Are Choosing Prepaid Electricity Over Postpaid

Owning a home is a wonderful thing, but it can be expensive! Whether you’re a recent homebuyer or have been living in your house for many years, saving on your monthly power bill probably sounds too good to be true—but it isn’t!

Thanks to Ampra Energy, the #1 prepaid electricity provider in Texas, you can get connected and start racking up savings right away—even as soon as same-day activation

Ampra Energy offers flexible, competitive rates and stellar customer service, all while protecting the planet. By using less of resources like water and fossil fuels, and more renewable resources, like Texas wind energy, Ampra is proud to offer 100% Green Energy services to their consumers—just another reason to trade in your costly, traditional postpaid plan for a prepaid power option.

Are you interested in learning more about prepaid electricity? Let’s take a look at why these “pay-as-you-go” plans are preferred by the majority of homeowners in today’s economy.

Speedy service and easy enrollment

  • You can enroll with Ampra Energy regardless of your credit history or whether or not you have a valid I.D. NO credit check and NO I.D. or SSN are required to get started saving with one of our 100% Green Energy prepaid plans.
  • Save even more by avoiding paying an unnecessary deposit that doesn’t apply to your account. NO deposit is needed to get set up with Ampra!
  • Don’t worry about waiting for long periods of time to have your services activated—in most cases, Ampra Energy will get you hooked up the same day you enroll.

Track your usage with helpful Smart Meters

  • Smart Meters are digital devices that are installed in your home once you become a customer with Ampra Energy.
  • These devices record and transmit real-time usage updates, so you’ll never be left wondering how much energy your home is consuming.
  • Not tech-savvy? No worries! Smart Meters are extremely user-friendly and allow you to monitor which areas you may need to cut down in as far as your usage is concerned so you can stay on-track with your prepaid power budget.

Flexible payment options and plenty of promotions

  • In addition to paying on your account ahead of time, prepaid plans offered by Ampra Energy also provide flexible payment options to their deserving customers.
  • If your account balance is running low on funds, you’ll receive an alert so that you can add funds to your account as needed.
  • Ampra Energy’s valued customers can also benefit from cost-effective promotions, including specials like the Free Nights Energy plan, as well as no contracts or long-term commitments to make you feel trapped!

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to saving on electricity! Call, email, or visit to learn more about the amazing prepaid electricity plans offered by Ampra Energy.

Get hooked up with the #1 Green Energy power provider in Texas today—Ampra Energy is here to help you start saving with NO credit check, NO deposit, and NO SSN/I.D. required

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