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How Does Prepaid Electricity Work for Apartments and Homes?

What do you know about prepaid electricity plans? For many Texans living in deregulated areas, having a choice in power providers means freedom to shop around for the utility prices,…

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What Uses the Most Electricity in Your Home?

Many consumers are shocked to see the amount of electricity that their household actually uses—which often leads to an outrageous power bill! Thankfully, prepaid electricity plan options help to alleviate…

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What is a Power Surge? How Can I Protect My Home?

Electrical problems and concerns can be quite troubling for consumers, particularly when you consider the risks associated with a power surge. The thought of losing power or putting yourself or…

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What is Renewable Energy?

What can we do to better protect our planet? While saving the environment and working against climate change may seem like a lofty, challenging idea, it is actually an attainable…

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Prepaid Electricity Offers Billing Flexibility to Homeowners

It’s no secret that homeowners everywhere enjoy saving money whenever they can. Especially during financially-trying times caused by the global pandemic, any way to trim down monthly expenses is a…

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Top Reasons to Choose Prepaid Electricity

When it comes to finding ways to save money each month, your electricity bill is most likely the last expense that comes to mind—until now. Thanks to the ability to…

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