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Energy Saving Checklist for Winter: Essentials to Consider

A roof over one's head is one of the basic needs of humans. Houses have one thing in common: they can help us relax. That's why no one likes to…

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How to Pick the Best Energy Company for Your Apartment

If you live in a deregulated area of Texas, you’ve got plenty of energy options! Choose the best electric company for your apartment by considering the different plans and prices…

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General Electricity FAQs

Frequently Asked Electricity Questions In Texas Do we know what electricity is? One look at your monthly electricity bill, and the answer is probably, “Not as much as I thought!”…

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The Best Places to Live in Texas in 2022

Are you considering making a move to the Lone Star state next year? If so, congratulations on taking such an important life step! While you can’t go wrong with any…

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Electrical Safety Checklist for a Winter Ready Home

Winter is just around the corner, and that means colder temps, more time spent indoors, and—if you’re smart—an affordable electric bill. Don’t let winter catch you off-guard. Prep and plan…

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The 8 Most Critical Home Electrical Hazards

As the head of your household, keeping your home—and your loved ones who live there—as safe as possible should always be a top priority. The danger of electricity is a…

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